Memory issues

I am running OSMC 2018.12 on a Raspberry Pi 3 A+ (512 MB RAM). When navigating the Kodi UI and when enough images were loaded in memory, the images (thumbnails, loading Icon) would be replaced with black squares. The background would be not shown at all and thus redraws would not be done. This breaks the UI completely. At this stage the system may crash. This bug can be also reproduced by having a video playing and navigating the YouTube add-on. I fixed it by setting the memory split for Pi 2 to 144 MB, like for 512 MB Pis.

You’ve probably changed config.txt and lowered gpu_mem.


No, this is a fresh install. I only restored a backup using the backup tool. After experiencing those graphical issues, I lowered the GPU mem for Pi2 in the config editior which fixed the problem.

Which skin are you using?

I am using the default OSMC skin.

OK – I will try and reproduce this.

Any update?

I couldn’t reproduce this with a standard OSMC install.