Menu Items returning after reboot

I have enabled master lock and then turned off some menu items so that the user can only see movies , tv series and weather , but when I do a reboot all the other menu items reappear leaving the potential for the kids to change settngs etc . Is there a way to lock the setttings so that a reboot doesnt affect them ?

You may be effected by the bug which causes all settings to be lost after a reboot. There’s a fix in beta which you can test now or you’ll have to wait for a regular update to become available later this month.

The fix for this is not available on the Pi yet. It’s being worked on.

Thanks , glad it wasnt just me being wacky :slight_smile:

When a update is loaded is it possible to save all the setup of the current build - ie skins , fanart etc settiungs or do I need to resetup from scratch

You should be able to keep them. Until the bug is fixed, I wouldn’t bother doing lots of customizations.

Fix is being compiled as we speak :slight_smile: