Mess with apt (python) on RPI2


I have nice mess with python on my osmc system hosted on RPI2 for some time. I dont remember when problem starts. Systems runs ok, but now i cant do anything with apt (just apt update).

My trimmed grab-logs:

Is it possible to fix it, or i must make fresh install?

If only way is install fresh system, how can I save my settings of system (lirc, kodi setting etc). Backup from My OSMC will save all my settings?


====================== System Journal =================== MyqVXi2x
---------------------- System Journal END --------------- MyqVXi2x

You have removed the system journal. Do you seriously expect us to help you?


Sorry for that. I through that it isnt nessesary:

File /etc/apt/sources.list contains a line for the Raspbian repository:

deb stretch main contrib non-free rpi

that is likely to give problems. You need to comment out this line, since it potentially conflicts with the Debian repository that OSMC uses, and might have contributed to your current problem.

TBH, I think it’s not sensible to try to repair your system, given its current state, and I recommend a reinstall.

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