Migrate from Vero 2


I just received my Vero 4K. I have been using the Vero 2 since it came out and would prefer migrating the same Kodi state that is on my current device. I have a rather big database of movies and series marked watched. I wouldn’t mind letting the new Vero scan all the movies from my network devices again, but I would rather not go through the manual task of manually marking as watched the ones I’ve seen.

So, is there any way to migrate that data?

Try using the Backup and Restore tool in My OSMC -> Updates

Just tried it. It says “Failure to read the file” when reading the backup file over smb:// (I checked that the file is valid .tar.gz)
But I think I put all options when making the backup, maybe I should select only what I need?

I had forgotten to update OSMC on the new device, I’ll do that and try again.

Ok, I checked the log and the problem is that it’s not able to access the file. Even though I was able to browse to the file, it says No such file or directory: 'smb://…/OSMCBACKUP…tar.gz

After copying the file to the local disk it worked! Thanks!

Yes – for now it’s best to do backups and restores using local or attached media.

Glad it’s all worked for you