Migrating from Raspbmc to OSMC (R-Pi2)

So my R-Pi2 finally arrived.

I’ve got Raspbmc (With latest Kodi nightly) running on my old R-Pi B with USB install and database set to remote MySQL server.

Has anyone got a good guide on how to migrate to OSMC/Kodi on the R-Pi 2.

Is it just a case of installing OSMC and then copying over Kodi from the old pi?

If you’re running a remote MySql server then it’s probably best to just copy over advancedsettings.xml, passwords.xml and sources.xml from Raspbmc userdata folder then set up all other preferences and addons manually

Thanks - will give that shot and see what happens.

Update: That worked perfectly. Up and running.

Only issue I had was permission errors on my remote NFS share. For some reason I had to add the insecure flag in. Odd, as it worked fine with Rapsbmc.


I’ve got OSMC running on my Pi model B successfully (finally after some annoying CEC issues) with Alpha 4. Very happy but I’ve decided to upgrade to the Pi 2.

How do I move my install across to the Pi 2? Can you just copy the .kodi folder over?


Will this work: OSMC Forums

Is there anything else I have to do or watch out for?

One approach that I find quite good if you have a second SD card and a USB SD card reader is to boot to the new fresh install with the old SD card inserted in the SD card reader that is connected via USB.

This will automatically mount both the fat and ext4 partitions of the old install under /media. (They will have funny long number names if the old partitions don’t have names)

Then you could do something like:

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
rm -rf /home/osmc/.kodi
cp -av /media/2534625453453453/home/osmc/.kodi/ /home/osmc/
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

The first line stops Kodi (don’t delete or replace the .kodi folder while Kodi is running) the next deletes the .kodi folder of the new install (which will be mostly empty/fresh template)

The third will copy the entire old kodi folder and display progress. You’ll need to figure out what the correct name of the folder in /media is, the above is just an example. The last line will restart Kodi.

Another advantage to this method is you are not wiping your original card so you can always go back or have another go at migrating it if you run into problems.

I don’t have a card reader handy unfirtunately. I guess I could always buy one…

I have Filezilla, so could I:

1/ On Pi B stop mediacenter and then copy the .kodi folder to my desktop with SFTP.
2/ Install OSMC on the Pi 2.
3/ Stop mediacenter on Pi 2, delete the .kodi folder and then copy the previously saved .kodi folder to the Pi 2
4/ Start mediacenter on Pi 2.

Not sure what happens to permissions.

What you can do is if you have both Pi’s running scp the files from one Pi to the other.

For me it was pretty easy. Had both Pi’s running and had my database on a remote MySQL server.
Installed OSMC on Pi2.
On both pi’s stopped kodi.
From Pi1, scp’d source.xml, advancedsettings.xml and remote.xml as well as Thumbnails to Pi2.
Rebooted Pi2 - all working.

Filezilla will not preserve the unix file permissions. If you want to go the filezilla route you should first archive the .kodi folder into a tar archive as described in the link you posted earlier, then use filezilla to copy the tar file off the old install and back onto the new install.

Once copied onto the new install you can stop kodi, delete the .kodi folder and extract the tar file into place.