Migrating shares & settings from Raspbmc / Kodi


I would like to switch from Raspbmc to OSMC. How to migrate my system settings (most importantly, the WiFi settings) and the shares I added as (video) sources?

Setting WiFi and adding shared folders as sources is such a pain in the ass in Raspbmc, I never want to do it again, it takes hours!

Thanks in advance.


Setting up WiFi should be quite simple in OSMC

Re-libraries etc: see Moving from Raspbmc - OSMC for some advice.


Hello Sam!

Great! I think I also should backup the passwords.xml file, shouldn’t I?

Regarding the WiFi settings, the last time I tried OSMC (RC1 or the version before, I can’t remember exactly), it wasn’t working. And since the WiFi settings app was not ready in OSMC, I had to go back to Raspbmc, which was painful: since I only have 1 SD card, I had to reinstall Raspbmc from and do all the settings from scratch (I didn’t have a backup! :confused: ).

Maybe it wasn’t working because my WiFi network name has spaces in it?

PS: wouldn’t it be possible to select the WiFi network in the OSMC installer rather than having to type its SSID?

You can do this


Are you sure? I can’t see any dropdown menu allowing to select the WiFi network in the OS X installer.

By the way, is it possible to backup the whole SD card containing Raspbmc, i.e. to clone it?

PS: I’ll see if I can make a native OS X installer.

What do you mean by native app?

You cannot select the network name from the installer, you need to type the name of the SSID manually. This is the same behaviour as the Raspbmc installer.

It is naive to assume that the hotspots available from the host installer will be available to the target and not worth the OS dependent hooks.