Minor vero/streaming issues

Hello all,

First off, thanks Sam for a great product, its the best box out there. The support available is also remarkable. Overall, we are incredibly happy with our Vero4k.

We’ve been using it for years and there has been some issues that pop up from time to time and others that are permanent which we generally try to work around.

First off, the box requires some legwork and research to keep it at peak performance. If I don’t use it for a month, repositories go down and adding them and configuring them can be messy. I am not particularly savvy and have always struggled with directions like “sudo” or “ssh”.

When streaming a video, it is impossible to rewind. We have simply forgot about using this feature as it freezes the video feed every time and never resumes playing. You can not rewind by simply using a keyboard to click on the play duration bar at a desired part either, this also results in freezing. It has been this way for a long time, with all video playback.

This last issue is more related to repositories. Below is an example and is repository specific but I am highlighting a recurring issue with menu navigation. If you are going to read the following, please respect that I am simply trying to outline an issue I have. I appreciate helpful advice and would prefer not to be scolded by the community for mentioning my issues with streaming… Read on at your own risk.

You have to navigate the menu options carefully. For example if you want to watch “The Simpsons”, The search option (in various Repo’s) often doesn’t find any results, and the menu options (for example: Tv shows> Genres> Cartoons --in some repo’s–) simply does not advance the menu screen, as if you never even selected the “cartoon” category. It just sits at that menu option until you go back.

But, you can find “The Simpsons” if you sneak around by clicking “Tv Shows, People Watching” or some other such ‘backdoor’ menu option. I realize this may be less of a Vero specific issue, but it happens with most of these repositories and so I thought I would at least mention it to see if others experience similar problems.

Anyway, minor issues, love my Vero.

Thanks to anyone providing helpful feedback.

I’m not sure you are using the term repo correctly. This issue you are describing can’t possibly have anything to do with a repo. If you are asking for support for some add-on that provides copyrighted content, then you are on your own and you will receive no support here. You should address the issue with the add-on developer.

This is a matter of staying within the rules of this forum. Sorry if you don’t find these rules helpful.

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Rewind issues might be caused by the stream you are sourcing.

The issues you describe are with the add-ons you are using (re. finding ‘The Simpsons’); and we wouldn’t really be able to help you with them as we don’t develop them. We suggest that you seek support from the developer of the add-ons / repositories you’re using.

For OSMC and Vero issues, we can help here; but the add-ons are out of our control.


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