Mirgrating from Raspbmc to OSMC

I am in the process of moving from Raspbmc (with Kodi 14.1) to OSMC (with Kodi 14.2).
My TV has just broken and I am waiting on a new one to be delivered.
I have a new Pi 2 with I will use for OSMC install. The install has gone fine. I have created and check the NFS work to the TV Shows and movies. I have copied the sources.xml file from the other pi.
If I use the Kodi remote on my iPhone I can open the folders and see my content. It even plays (don’t have a screen but can see from the now playing).
Next I go the Update Video Library. In the log I can see this starting. It then logs it has taken 00:00. None of the shows or movies have been imported into the library,
What else can I try?
Would like to get this sort for when the new TV arrives so my wife doesn’t realized I have done the swap.
Thanks for your help…