Missing function

I want to use my Pi2 OSMC as a podcast player from previously downloaded mp3’s or ogg’s not itunes or rss.
It would be nice if there was a PODCASTS option on the main screen so I use AUDIO.
Problem is there is no option to set a ‘resume point’ unlike with video files.

Can I simply create the below advancedsettings.xml designed for video and simply substitute audio for video as shown below …


Surely I’m not the only one listening to long podcasts ?


This “missing function” as you call it, is purely dependent on Kodi itself and not specific to OSMC. The info in this link seems to indicate these lines may not have the intended effect since they are not shown as valid in the audio section of advancedsettings. You might want to seek more detailed answers from http://forum.kodi.tv

I don’t think Kodi supports resume for audio files as it does for video, but I could be wrong…