Missing Media Flags in Confluence

Hey guys,

I’m using the latest version of osmc on a rpi3 with the confluence skin. Sadly I dont see the “media flags” except of the 3D-Icon for some movies. I guess kodi knows that the movie is in 3D because of my file naming structure. After I’m playing a movie, the icons will appear.

All my movies are correctly recognized with the universal movie scraper.

Since then I was using Kodi/SPMC at my amazon firetv and there I had all the media flags (Resolution, Cocec, Sound…) out of the box.

Can you help me with this?


We don’t distribute or handle Confluence queries, so better off asking on the Kodi forums.


Thank you sam. I will give it a try.
Just to be clear: This is not just a problem with the confluence skin, it happens with all skins which support this media flags.

Edit: The last posting in this thread (No Media Flags On Videos From NAS Library) does the trick. (Enable “Extract video information from files” under Settings - Media - Videos)

I also had to enable the permission the delete and rename the files and enabled the settings to show the hidden files under Settings - Media - General.