Monitoring / Performance

I posted a thread earlier about add ons, but the main reason was that I am trying to get to the bottom of something.

I am having what seems to be some buffering issues that I would like to narrow down. I get really good quality streams from but it will play for a few mins then pause and buffer out I’m assuming then resume play.

I have looked at htop and it shows that the CPU and memory doesn’t seem to be affected really at all.

I also took a look at iptraf which shows me the packets and total bandwidth inbound and outbound.

What are some thoughts about helping to narrow this down and/or tweak the performance? Sorry if this is posted in the wrong area…I’m new to this forum.

We provide ZERO support for addons whose sole purpose is to infringe copyright. If the addon is the problem, seek support from the addon developer. If not, naming it risks deletion of your thread.

The issue with these addons exhibiting buffering is typically speed/congestion from the source in 99% of all cases and not a local problem.

Also, if all other content, local or remote, performs without issue, then indeed, this would indicate a problem with the addon/sources themselves and not a problem with OSMC.

Right, I understand that. I can go the trial and error route but I was curious to know if there are any specific benchmarking tools you guys recommend. I noticed that there is a cpu/memory ‘widget’ on the system page so thought there may have been a built in tool.

Having a look at some of the old Raspbmc threads on the other forum could give you some clues as to how others tested throughput issues. Otherwise maybe someone else with more direct knowledge can chime in here.

I have updated to the most recent release/patch and all my lag issues were resolve. I assume there was some buffering tweaks made between the version I had and all the updates that were done.