Monthly OSMC updates?

Hello people, merry Christmas to you all to start with, hope your all gearing up to the big day.

Just noticed last night that my OSMC was still showing an October 2017 build date, did I miss the November and December updates??

I went and tried to check for updates but it says there’s none available…

I guess updates are on hold until this big “stretch” update is released.

Well normally updates comes at the end of the month, so if you have missed one it would be November :wink:

Correct, the November update is on hold till certain issues with the stretch migration are sorted out. If all goes well we might find a November/December update under the Christmas Tree

I was travelling a bit – so things got pushed back a little as well.

Back to work :slight_smile:


You’re allowed to travel :grinning: It broadens the mind

And lightens the wallet…

Hell I’m not complaining, just wondered if I had missed one…