Most convenient way to copy small files from a mobile device to the vero?

I’d like to sometimes copy subtitles the sub addons can’t find or a zip file from my iPad to the vero sharing the same WiFi. What’s the easy way to do it.

The only thing I thought off was Dropbox. Can you think of better ways?

Well options in iPAD are more limited than Android but you could use any file manager that supports smb/samba or FTP or SFTP

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Samba installed on vero and use an app like this on your ipad:

With the free version you only get to setup one server to open(smb/nfs), but that should be enough =)

Used it on my wife’s iphone to transfer over 5000 photos from her iphone onto a Samba share on my Vero4k, took a while but it worked.

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