Mount a WD My Cloud Diretory(nfs) on a rp with osmc (4. 4..3-1)

hello all,
I’m new in these things but I was searching during two days without results
I try to mount a My cloud Directory on a OSMC (raspberry) with the following command
sudo mount -t cifs -o guest // /mnt/test an I always receive mount error (6) : No such device or adress
If I ping to (WD My cloud) there is no problem. I can’t find why ? I base me on “IT Solutions Christian Zehaczek” but no results…
Could anyone help me ?
Many thanks

sudo mount -t nfs /mnt/test

nfs is NOT cifs…

Thanks for your quick reply. you are right
now after your command : sudo mount -t nfs /mtn/test
I receive following mount.nfs: Coonection timed out ??

What is the output of showmount -e

Export list for
/nfs *