Mouse navigation broken

what’s up with the broken ‘auto-scroll’ feature in the default skin? when you move the mouse to point to an item in a menu, it scrolls the whole menu in whichever direction your nearest making it COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE to use!

what’s wrong with scrollbars like everyone else uses?

You are given a choice of two skins when you install. Which one did you pick? The OSMC one or Confluence?


osmc, i guess. i didnt’ change it. looks the same as it did when it first booted.

that’s the other weird thing - the whole “welcome” thing didn’t running start until about 5 minutes after the system first booted, so i was in the middle of configuring stuff when this annoying full-screen thing interrupted me, caused me to click on a bunch of stuff i didn’t mean to, and forced me to scroll (really awkwardly, by the way) through a bunch of time-zone/language menus.

scrollbars, people. the auto-scroll hover craziness doesn’t work.

try it yourself - boot a fresh card and try to set your language in the welcome thing using just the mouse.

perhaps, can we get a skin that looks like the OSMC one, but works like the Confluence one?

You are given a choice when you install. If you can take a photo it will help, but I’m going to guess it was the OSMC one.

You probably have a very slow SD card. I have seen this behaviour on low speed cards. Combine this with an original Pi 1 and it can take a very long time for this to be displayed.

Current updates ensure that this is reduced to an extent: no addon updating until the tutorial completes; and no skin reloading, but perhaps the ApplicationMessenger can be tweaked further.

You’re being a bit cheeky here. Show me what we’re looking at (with a photo or screenshot), and perhaps we can address it. Otherwise, we don’t even know if it’s an OSMC related issue.

Never tested that with a mouse but I’ll give it a try.


i’m either really cheeky, or someone who’s actually attempted to use the feature…

I’ll wait…

It would be a grand help if you could let us know which feature is falling through. A small photo or video recording would be excellent.

I’ll wait…

Paraphrases as: I’ve just signed up, had a minor complaint, refuse to provide any real insight to fix the issue, but would love to be able to complain about it, at the behest of others, regularly reinforce just how bad things are, but not contribute towards the improvement at all.

Help us to help you!


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I thought i did:

actually, i’m trying to help you. this is more of a bug report than a support request.

Since you are the only one reporting an issue and no one else seems to be able to duplicate, then I think I’d beg to differ with your professional diagnosis as “bug.”

If this is indeed widespread or at least easily replicable on your part, can you just upload a photo or video? As I say – I’m still none the wiser as to which skin you’re using for sure, or where you’re experiencing the scrolling issue. An image should quickly resolve this.



Although I rarely use a mouse with Kodi, all of the skins I have tried with a mouse do not have scroll bars and scroll when the mouse pointer is moved near the edge of an area. This is not a desktop windowing environment.

Kodi is designed to be used on a TV with a remote control - mouse control is very much an after thought.