Movie extras


I’ve been using Emby on my PC and just moved to using the Vero 4k+.

When I organised all my movies on the Emby servers I had all my extras in a seperate folder within the movie folder i.e.

/Movies/Bad Boys/Bad Boys.mkv
/Movies/Bad Boys/Scenes/Deleted scenes
/Movies/Bad Boys/Scenes/Cast interiews

So I would have the main movie file and a “Scenes” folder with the extras.

Using Emby, it would recognise that these were extras and everything would be presented nicely.

However now I’ve moved over to Vero / Kodi when I update my library all these extras are showing in the main Movie list.

Does Kodi recognise Extras at all?

I must be doing something wrong. Downloaded the add on, changed the setting to “Scenes”, updated the library, rebooted and nothings changed.

Did you add the excludefromscan in advancedsettings.xml? You probably should delete the incorrectly scanned extras first, fix advancedsettings and then run the library scan again.

Created an advancedsettings.xml file with the exclude from scan code.

It’s now working. I can see the extras if I want and they aren’t show in the main library.

Thanks for your help.