Movie in Video add-on not playing


when i want to play movie from Video add-on i get small icon and time stamp in a upper right corner as it will start to play but than fall back to pick another stream. It is the same with any movie i pick to play. When playing series, there is no problem, also when loading movie from the USB.

log attached:



You are using an illegal add-on , osmc don’t support these addons .

Huh…, thank you for the information.



Hi there,

Unfortunately we’ve had to remove your thread from public viewing because it mentions a pirate addon, repository or website. We cannot provide any support for piracy. You should seek support from the developer of the addon or provider of the repo.

To get a better idea of our piracy policy, please see this link here FAQ - OSMC Forums You are welcome to edit your post and request for it to be re-listed at anytime. Do not simply duplicate the post.

Thank you for your understanding