Movie List by Title showing rating instead of year

Having taken the plunge to upgrade to v19, my movies library list view sorted by title is now showing the rating for each title instead of the year (I’m using the Kodi default Estuary skin). I would like to revert to showing the year (which is still showing for movies within a Collection) but I can’t find a way in settings to change the display. Can I change it back to show the year? And if so, how?


Can you show a picture?

Hi Jim

Thanks for taking an interest and offering to help. I can’t provide a photo as after further googling I decided to revert to v18.9 and have already done so by restoring an SD card image. I ought to have said in my original post that I’m running OSMC on a Pi2 - meaning that v19 offers little advantage and might be a retrograde step-too-far anyway.

After posting here I found an answer to the movie title list issue of year v. rating on the Kodi forum. According to a Team-Kodi Member, the title list was (and still is) intended to show rating (not year) and that the fact that it shows year (not rating) in v17 and v18 is some unknown bug that has inadvertently been “fixed” in v19 [see List view in Kodi Matrix ].