Movie Wall Layout | OSMC Skin

Hey guys,
Hope everyone’s going well?

Quick question; does anyone know if its possible to display or edit the OSMC movie wall layout similar to the Kodi wall layout? I first photo is the look I’m going for. While the second one is the closest thing I could find for OSMC

With the kodi layout, you’ll see there 12 large movie posters, and little snippets on both top and bottom. With the movie posters taking up about 90% of screen space, whereas the OSMC one shrinks everything while removing the amount of poster retail space.

With the little snippets of the posters, are quite functional really. Without them the family have no idea there’s more media to view just by scrolling up or down. (They’re not the most technical savvy)

It’s probably something really obvious that I’m missing but any ideas are always appreciated.

How did you get the Estuary Skin to show the ratings on the top end of the posters? Is that some kind of add-on?

That cannot trivially be done, I’m afraid.

Ah can’t quite remember the setting.
However, I think it is in either the stock scrapper settings or the media/interface
Somewhere in one of those.

Ah I see, shame I do really love the OSMC skin but my non technical family hold me back. Sad. Oh well thanks for the reply & enjoy the weekend everyone! :slight_smile: