MovieDB scraper not connecting

Hey All,

Is anyone else have issues with films not scraping for the last few days?

I have 2 Pi1 B+ boards with up to date OSMC. They were working perfectly a few days ago. I have an internet connection as Transmission and the TVDB scraper work without issue. However, when I try to “Scan for new content” on my film source it comes up with the error “Unable to connect to the network. Continue Scraping?”.

The only difference is that I am using a different router. I wouldn’t think that would break just the TMDB scraper though. Don’t have another router to test.

I have tried sending pings using my laptop, phone and router on the same network to TVDB, MovieDB and Google. TVDB and Google come back 100% received, MovieDB is 100% loss. Same results when I disconnect my phone from the network and use mobile data.

The only other thing to do is use Universal Movie Scraper, but that refuses to install from the repository and If I try to install from zip it says “Dependencies not met.”

So, is MovieDB down, or am I missing something (most likely router related)?

You already found your answer

Are you saying movieDB is down and everyone is having this problem?

Same issue here, the exact message is “Couldn’t download information. Unable to connect to remote server. Would you like to continue scanning?”

Now the issue seems to be resolved by editing the file name. However this pop error message requires user input and blocks the library update process. A better way would be to run the scan, scrap what can be then report the error.