Moving OSMC filesystem to external hdd?

I normally use:

But, I’m not 100% if this will work with OSMC… I know its debian, but still… I used this method, and it worked for a single boot. Once I wanted to enable swap with swapon and rebooted again (just for testing), I received the following message:

pi2 primary superblock differs from backup

And something about a forced fsck. But its stuck on a single percentage, not going up at all.

Is there any better method for it? I prefer that my SD card is only used for boot, not the filesystem.

Just use the USB Install option in the installer if you do not mind starting fresh.

I do not recommend swap but if you want it, sudo touch /enable_swap and reboot


What exactly do you mean with USB install option in the installer? I’m familiar with the installation wizard on the main website, however… isn’t raspberry pi2 using special / specific boot configuration where it should be launching from?

And the installer doesn’t show my external HDD as an optional installation drive (ext4 partition)… it only shows my USB sticks, regardless if I choose SD card or USB stick.

Plus. my pi requires max usb power to be enabled for my external hdd to be usable.

Have a look at the two wiki entries on USB here:

In short you select USB install as an option in the OSMC installer, then when you boot the SD card the first time on the Pi make sure you also have your USB drive plugged into the Pi and it will be automatically formatted at that time and installed onto.

Do NOT plug in a any drive that you don’t want formatted at this time. You don’t ever plug the USB drive into your PC.

Will this work even without the max usb power setting enabled? Seeing its a fresh/new sd-card, I need the max power to get the HDD to work.

That is not directly supported - your best bet would be to temporarily power the drive from a power adaptor or hub until the install is finished so you can get a chance to enable max_usb_current=1

The other way to do it would be to edit the config.txt on the card on your PC before inserting it for the first (install) boot on the Pi, but you would also have to edit the file again after the on-Pi installer ran because the config.txt gets replaced just before it reboots.