MP4 file sound out of sync/Chapter skip 4k sad face

Tested the ripped file, and the file in plex both are in sync. For some reason on the vero 4k+ it’s just slightly off. Not a huge deal but figured I’d ask. Also, I saw a few posts about chapter skipping on 4k movies causing a sad face crash. I’ve noticed that behavior recently. Seems like if I skip forward 30 seconds and then chapter skip it works but if I immediately play a movie from the kodi remote and then skip it crashes. I can upload logs of both if needed. Thanks.

Can you post the MediaInfo output of the file? I suspect it has a TrueHD audio track.

Of the 4K movie or the MP4? 4K movie has Dolby TrueHD with Dolby Atmos.

Interesting. I have recently ripped some mp4 videos with youtube-dl from my Church for playing on Vero 4K+ (can’t play because the church uses HTML-player). Almost all files had audio out of sync by about 250 ms when played, but it’s fixable with the Vero player. No problem, but strange.

Yeah, I would guess it’s about that much out of sync. Maybe less. I only noticed it when someone banged their fists on a table. But the mouths looked slightly off too. It’s not unwatchable but I can just as easily play them on my built in plex app. If all files are the same out of sync you can sync one and apply to all media in the sync menu.

Sorry I realized I replied to the thread not to you directly but

Media info of the 4K movie or the MP4? 4K movie has Dolby TrueHD with Dolby Atmos.


This is a known issue with Kodi and TrueHD tracks presently.