Mpeg2 Software decoding with RPI2

Hello, I have a question,
Would it be possible to add an option to software decode mpeg2 streams on Raspberry Pi 2 as it has the power to do so for 480p streams?
Right now I think it is only possible to deactivate hardware decoding alltogether, but it would be nice to use HW decoding for x264 and SW decoding for mpeg2.

All you have to do is disable OMXPlayer to get the RPi to software decode mpeg2 in Kodi. Leave hardware acceleration on and MMAL will decode x264 video automatically.


I think last time I tried, I only got a black screen when playing mpeg2 (watching dvb-t TV) with this configuration.

You shouldn’t need to do anything - by default if you don’t have the codec license for mpeg2 it should automatically fall back to software decoding. (I confirmed this accidentally yesterday when I tried to play something on a fresh install without the license)

If you get a blank screen instead, that’s a bug. Please post a kodi debug log after this happens using the OSMC settings log uploader.

Thanks. Sounds reassuring. Will try again.