Multicast an incoming UPNP Stream


I’m trying to multicast an incoming UPNP Stream via gStreamer for example.

Streaming with an Rasperry Pi and installing gStreamer seems possible reading other threads in the forums.
I want to use the Pi to Stream to multiple (3) android tablets simultaneously and in sync.

Can anyone help me and tell me how this would work?

The files can either be hosted on the PI or streamd there.

But the multicast-stream has to be controlled via a smartphone, thats where I thought about an upnp stream to the PI.

Thanks for any recommendations and help.

For music, LMS and squeezebox would be a much more elegant solution which already exists. Unless your stream is video, you didn’t make it clear…

A video stream was meant. Sorry for not mentioning before.

I also tried YAACC app which allowes to stream to multiple renderer, which in case of an android phone, full-HD video and wifi connection leads to a not synchronized output.

That’s where I though about multicast and an raspberry pi to help out.