Multicast problem since the October update


I still use the VDR with IPTV parallel to the Kodi under osmc. Since the October update I noticed that I have very sporadic errors with the IPTV stream. The error occurs only very rarely and can also be eliminated very easily by switching.

Unfortunately I still have no idea in which direction the error should be looked for. Unfortunately it is also the case that I have to watch for a while when changes are made to see if the error still occurs.

Currently I can at least say that the error did not occur before the buster update. I tested with a stand before the update.

Possibly the problem is also within the VDR, but first I wanted to ask whether the buster update made any changes in connection with multicast. When the error occurs, I get the following error message in the log:

vdr [478]: [478] [socket.c, 184]: setsockopt (MCAST_JOIN_SOURCE_GROUP): The argument is invalid

Thank you, Regards

Addition: I have the problem on both of my Raspi 3

I can’t think of any obvious changes that could cause this issue.
The VDR developers might have some more knowledge about the causes of this problem