Multiple TV Tuner support?

Hi, I’m looking to replace my big old Windows Media Center PC with something small and silent like the Vero but before I do I’d like to get an idea of what the Vero with OSMC will be able to support in the way of TV tuners.

What I’d really like is something that can support 2x DVB-T2 tuners and 2x DVB-S2 tuners at the same time and provide a TV guide that seamlessly integrates channels from both types of tuners to allow 4x TV channels to be recorded at the same time or 3x to be recorded and 1x viewed live on screen at the same time. Is this something that the Vero will support?

Many thanks.

Hi @HighFidelityGuy

TVheadend as OSMC uses only support one hardware tuner setup, unless use a using something like hdhomerun dual tuner… hardware with more tuneres in, and supportet by OSMC should work fine…

I think MythTV support what you want, but you will have to compile it yourself.

Thanks Harry.
While looking at USB tuner options today I stumbled across this IPTV server: LINK

This could be a much neater and more flexible option but I don’t know if OSMC can record multiple IPTV streams at the same time. Do you know if that’s supported? Thanks.

buy they a fully supported by linux/OSMC and kodi, the streaming server you a linking to i think is hard to get working…