Music Library rescan freeze after last OSMC update

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This is my first post on this forum. I am writing because I am stuck with a problem that started occurring after the February update. When I try to access Music from the main menu then I get a pop-up window with the following message.

Library Update. Music library needs to rescan tags from files. Would you like to scan now?
[Yes] [No]

I can switch between the Yes and No buttons but that is the last thing I can do. Nothing happens when I press either of them and I loose connection (from Kodi remote on Android phone). Can’t connect via SSH either. The only way is to pull the plug.

I managed to do a normal music library update. It ran through as far as I can tell but the same scan message comes up again as soon as I try to access my Music.

This is very annoying, everything else seems to work fine. I am using a RPi 2 (4.4.1-1-osmc).

An suggestions regarding how to fix this are much appreciated as I would like to avoid a complete reinstall.

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Provide some logs (easiest would be grab-logs -A)

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. Please see for advice on how to help us.

Do you happen to get a little rainbow rectangle on the upper right of the screen when this happens?? I’m betting this is power related.

Mine did the same thing with rescaning the tags, and it took quite some time, with no feedback as to progress. I was able to SSH in, and whatever it was doing had the processors pegged, so if you have a marginal power supply…

Many thanks for your help fzinken and bmillham.

I don’t think it is a power related issue. I am using the power supply that came with the RPi 2 bundle and I don’t have a rainbow rectangle.

The popup window stays open for more than a day. I don’t think it would take that long to rescan music files. I have 27G of music files on an external hard drive which is attached to my router. The hard driver is SMB shared in the network and I can access it from OSMC. Accessing picture and video files on the hard drive works fine.

I uploaded two logs. The first one is just after booting the RPi when everything is still fine:

I then click on Music on the main OSMC screen which is when I get the popup window asking me to rescan the music file tags. This is when the screen freezes either completely or sometimes I can still switch between the Yes and No button but hitting enter does not seem to do anything. At that point I was still logged on via ssh and uploaded the second log file:

I had a look at the log files and could not see anything being obviously wrong. But much of the log files are quite cryptic to me, so not sure.

Your help is much appreciated.


One thing I noticed in your log is that you NAS apparently disconnected near the end of the log.

Are you using a wired network, or a wireless dongle? (I think you are using wired, but just checking)

It’s wired: Mar 09 00:17:05 osmc connmand[266]: eth0 {add} address label eth0 family 2

@sengels you would need to enable debug logging so that we can investigate. The current log level doesn’t show any information that helps to understand what’s going on.Just enable debugging, reboot, click the scan music library. In parallel be logged in with ssh and after a few minutes where Kodi seems freeze do grab-logs --kodi

Also while not related but as it might make it easier to read the debug log file could you disable the addon for the time of the troubleshooting

My apologies @fzinken, I should read your messages more carefully. Debugging is enabled now and I disabled TV Show Next Aired. I followed your instructions and generated the following log via SSH a few minutes after the screen froze. Hopefully, this log gives a bit more insight into what is going on.

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I have the same issue since my last update. Is there any fix for this?
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