Music playback - no visualisations

installed RC2 today and it seems to have solved my wifi issues.
One immediate problem I noticed is that there are no visualisations during music playback.
openglspectrum displays but remains flat. Tested with the other visualisation included and that is the same.

Also related to music - the OSMC skin still does not appear to have any means of managing playlists - and I am need to switch into confluence to do this.
Will playlist support be added to the OSMC skin in the near future?

Just to check - music visualisation was definitely working for you in RC1 ?

And did you upgrade from RC1 or do a fresh install ?

I could never get that far to test in RC1 as my wifi always died on me.
I initially did an update from RC1 to RC2 but after doing that the TVDB addon refused to add any new content so I wiped my SD card and did a fresh install of RC2

edit: and to add another skin issue . . . despite have “scroll plot” selected it does not seem to work.

Do you have a custom advancedsettings.xml file that changes the default audio player?
A debug enabled log file would indicate this.

vanilla install - but if others are not seeing this issue then I’ll dig further.

oh, hang about.
I’ve added some music over a samba share from my nas and visualisations work fine with that.
It just seems to be with music addons that visualisations are not working.
Specifically - using the somafm addon - in OSMC visualisations are not working. In openelec 5.08 somafm addon visualisations are working.