Music Playback

I have a pi b with a pifi dac and use it in my car and at home to play music. I have a problem with the music stuttering/pausing when im listening to it in my car, the song stops and then continues over and over again. It doesn’t happen on all the songs i play but i did notice that when i turn the volume down/lower the problem goes away. But when i play the music at home there is no stuttering at all. Any ideas on what could be causing this? Thanks

Bad/unstable powersupply.

I was leaning towards the power supply too so i got a spigen 2.4a from amazon to replace my old china no name brand. Any suggestions on a proven power supply? Thanks

Thanks, will this work in the car?

You mean on 12 Volt? Obviously not but that’s a different topic

Lol, thats what i thought i had in the original post. Car = problems, home = no problems. Thats why i asked if your suggestion would work for the car since it looks like a home charger. Thanks anyways.

Thanks for clarification, have too admit didn’t get it clearly out of your first post. Maybe you want to try adding pico ups for stable power

Cool, i will look into that. It doesn’t happen all the time but it seems like when it does, its the song i really want to listen to.

So what are you powering it with in your car?

Car Charger, Spigen® [Dual Port] USB Car Charger 2.4A Output x 2 [F24QC] Compatible with iPhone 6s/6s plus/6/6 plus/Galaxy note 5/Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and more devices (SGP11749)

“Built-in charging circuitry protects devices from damage” makes me wonder if that charger is limiting the voltage to the Pi? I think the Pi needs to be powered from a stable 5V min, but a battery charger probably limits to less than that.

For example, this Adafruit tutorial suggests that a Li-Ion battery protection circuit would be set to limit voltage to 4.2V, which is probably too low for reliable operation of the Pi. From here: “With all the loads connected, the absolute minimum voltage required for the Raspberry Pi Board B is 4.8 V

To test this, on a Pi B I think you can determine the actual system voltage by measuring across TP1 and TP2 with a voltmeter. The details are described in the last link posted above.

This has the added benefit of providing a method to start and cleanly shutdown the pi by being triggered by the vehicle ignition.