Music plays ok through "Files" but not through main Music interface

Hi gang - new to OSMC, running RC on Raspberry Pi 2.

External hard disk mounts fine. The library seems to see the movies, tv-shows and music I have on the disk. I’ll restrict this to music, and save other media for separate thread.

Some of the music works fine through the Music browser from the main screen. Others, I can see but when I try to play, either nothing happens, or I get a warning saying Playback failed. The weird bit is that music that won’t play in the Music library will play ok in Music/Files - i.e. play the files not via the library.

I am currently staying in a house which has no wifi/internet, so I can’t connect to the pi to view logs (and can;t work out if they can be viewed from the GUI) to work out what’s going on. But could this be the problem? Is internet connection required to play music through the library, despite having already been scraped and gained album art etc?

I will try and explore the file types more when I am able to ssh in - but in the meantime, anyone else dealt with this issue?

It is still possible to exit from the GUI, and then log in to a command terminal interface. Some people have always found this tricky - especially as the GUI will restart if you don’t get there quickly enough.
You can then view the log files from the terminal interface, just as if SSH’d in.

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Thanks for the reply, dandnsmith. When I go to Power/Exit from the GUI the screen goes black for a second, then the OSMC splash screen displays again - pretty much what you described above. So is there a particular button to press, or some other step I need to do to get a terminal session running?
EDIT: never mind, I checked the FAQ and found out, I need to press and hold ESC.

The terminal display is larger than the screen - parts of the text are off the left and off the bottom of the screen, which rather decreases readability. Any quick fix for that?

And which log am I looking for? (sorry, rather new to this)

Ok - found kodi.log, which lists many lines of:
WARNING: Process directory ‘/media/DRIVE NAME/Music/blah blah’ does not exist - skipping scan.
ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting ‘/media/DRIVE NAME/Music/blah blah’

Vague recollection of 'nix being unhappy with spaces in filenames, and I’m wondering if that’s at play here. Possible the Files browser can handle them, but the library scan cannot?

That doesn’t really explain why only a few of the albums work - given they are all in the same place - an external disk called ‘EXTRA STUFF’. Nor why the movies work fine from the same disk. Hmmm

OK, you’re making progress, but have 2 problems:

  1. the terminal window not aligning properly with your ‘monitor’ - this was covered to some extent a few months back, together with a text sizing problem. ATM I cannot remember where this discussion took place - a search might get it if i can think of the right terms.
  2. file name handling problems, which may be differences in scripts.Mostly these are structured to avoid problems with spaces (and other special characters?). Without logs of actual examples it is awkward to progress in finding where such problems might lie. They may be a Kodi problem, as your post sounds similar to others I have seen - there may be workarounds suggested in the Kodi forums