Mutiple issues - crashing, freezing, cant connect to update server

Log -

My OSMC will not connect to the update server, it will sit there “looking” for a server forever; if it does find one it looks like it is downloading however when its time to reset and install it will stall on an “unknown file” and reset.

The unit has started to regularly crash if left running for periods of time longer than 2hrs without anything playing, so I now need to turn it off every time I am not using it. At one stage I was getting a freeze, then an OSMC sade face only to reboot and have the sad face again to reboot in a loop.

If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.

The log doesn’t show anything (it’s blank here). Can you reupload?

As Sam wrote the log file is empty. Try to upload again.
Also have you confirmed that it is not a network/internet issue?

It appears the OSMC is producing blank logs, even though it was producing logs fine before the sept update.

I think I need to just start from a fresh install.

Internet connectivity is 100% fine and tested.

If you aren’t producing logs then you have serious problems. A re-install would be recommended.