My Bedroom and Rumpus Pi2 not waking-up from Idle and power ON / OFF require

Hi Guys

Since I upgraded my bedroom and rumpus PI to latest OSMC (June release2), every time I put them idle, turn-off the TV and switch the TV back on after around 2 - 3 hours later OSMC not responding and manual power On / OFF require.

Kodi bebug logs via log uploader as below:

Also when the OSMC is not responding I am getting a Blank screen on TV and also OSMC not responding to SSH via my MAC terminal.

Help on this matter much appreciated.

Hi guys

Any help with this as I am still having the issue and everyday I am rebooting 2 to 3 times…

I have disabled all addons except for Artwork downloader which I can’t live without.
Below is the latest logs:



Also my initial post got a typo with the link and updated as below

Issue occurs only with rapier or all skins?

I also thought it’s the Skin and switched back to confluence and desabled all addons but same issue present with default skin as well.

Same with my both PIs

My bedroom Pi crash again and latest logs attached. I was watching a Movie and paused it and after few minutes I couldn’t resume at at all and screen was frozen. Had to reboot…



given no help given i have format and reinstall. now all ok.