My disappointment on the vero 4K “Update”

“UPDATE: After removing the Silvo Aeon Nox and using it for a week now without it, I don’t have any more problems…everything seems to be working fine. I am not sure but I can only come to the conclusion that the problem for me was using it with the skin. I’m using Standard Aeon Nox and artwork downloader and a few more add-ons without any problems. I’m so glad I didn’t return it and I am now enjoining my vero 4k. Thanks everyone for your help.”


I bought this box 2 weeks ago because it was “the best kodi box” but all I have been having is lots of problems…especially over heating. I am not doing anything complicated…just browsing my library with approx 1200 movies causes the vero box to shut down with a red light on the front of the case which signifies overheating. I have the box in the basement with my equipment which is well ventilated…none of my equipment has overheating problems so I know it is not my environment. Everytime that this happens, which almost twice daily, I have to go down to the basement and disconnect and plug it back in which is quite annoying.

On the other hand, Sam has been very helpful. I have been talking to him about returning it to get a refund which he is willing to do but the problem that I have now is that Canada Post wants to charge me almost $70 and UPS quoted approx $100-120 in order to ship it back to UK so it is not worth sending it back so now I’m stuck with this useless box. I am so disappointed and upset that I basically am out $200 because I can’t use it.

I have a Mag 254 which had a similar problem, I solved it by turning it upside down so the vents were upward and sitting an 80mm 12v cooling fan on top. Cheap fix and it works in 35+ degree temps.

I feel your pain, but it’s possible you just got a bum unit. I got my Vero 4K just a few days ago and it’s absolutely brilliant. I just ordered another, in fact.

It sucks, your situation, but it’s certainly not the norm.

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My Vero4K is placed inside a cupboard so ventilation couldn’t be worse. But never had problems with overheating despite the Vero having to chew on a huge video library. So yes, must be your unit unfortunately. Surprised how expensive Canada Post is however.

I got it in a drawer together with my Nvidia Shield, so not the best ventilation :slight_smile:

Just checked and simulated a shipmeent from Montreal to UK, sized 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm with 1KG weight: 20$ (Canadian currency?). Not sure where you are getting your shopping quote from.


you can try a micro fan, I had installed one on an old raspberry pi and it worked very well (now it’s useless, I find that new equipment no longer warm …)
personally, if I had the problem, I even tried to make openings in the box before trying to install a micro fan

Can you post some logs? I’d like to check a few things first to see if there’s something that can be fixed without returning. A photo of the Vero in its current setup would also be great.

Is the device hot to touch when you see the light?


I went to my local post office with the small box and that’s what they quoted me. Maybe quotes online are not accurate or maybe from Montreal it is different?

sam i at ready post a pic of where my box is, nvidia shield, HTPC and appletv 4k are there wiht out problems, here is the link of that

Please lay the box horizontally and the overheating issue will likely disappear. It looks like the device isn’t getting good airflow.

I’m confident if you position the device as recommended your problems will go away


that didn’t make a difference, I tried that already…I also tried horizontal, vertically and upside down

Canada Post has different levels of service, eg. with tracking or without, etc. If you were to ask for the cheapest method of delivery I’m sure it would be less than $20. Or does a return have to be insured?

I did ask for the different types of shipping methods. The only difference was $10 without tracking but it would take arroun a month, they also have a lower one that can take a year to arrive a UK

I just went to and put in the details and it came up approx $20 …now I am wondering about the location I went to as it was a small variety store with Canada Post counter, so Tuesday I am going to go to a Shopper Drugmart and double check.

thanks for all the help

Upside down etc is not necessary. The issues you are describing are not typical. There’s a reason why the device has feet where they are.

My suggestion is to reinstall OSMC (as you mentioned via your ticket); then run OSMC for 24 hours outside of that cabinet.

If it works, re-add your library and see if you experience issues.

I’d be happy to take a phone call to help you resolve this. I think we could get to the bottom of the issue quite promptly.


I would definitely try a different outlet like Shoppers if you end up having to return it. But try Sam’s suggestions first. If he can resolve the problem you won’t have to bother waiting for a replacement.
A year to arrive in the UK??!! How is it being sent - by rowboat? That person at the variety store desperately needs some training.
I’ve sent packages about the same size and weight from Ontario to California for about $10 and they arrive in about 5 days.

I’m certain we can get the device working well for @mata7 without a lot of time / effort from either side.


Understand the frustration, but I have placed my Vero 4K on top of Marantz AV8802a surround processor (which is fairly warm). No issues with heat so fare; so I would say it is a smart move to take it out of current packed environment. Listen to Sam; he knows this stuff :slight_smile:

First of all, thanks Sam for willing to call me but English is not my first language and I don’t think it is necessary.

I have been playing around with it all day and I may have found the root to my problem. I’m not 100% sure yet but I have a good feeling that I did.

I love using Aeon Nox Silvo Skin…I believe this skin is too heavy for the box which I think it makes it overheat and shut down. I reinstalled OSMC, left the box in the same place, same cabin, sitting horizontal and just used the Kodi default skin. I have been testing it by scrolling the library up and down to see if it would overheat and shut down like before but it hasn’t so far. I also just finished watching a movie and everything played fine.

I will keep using it this week and will let you know how it goes…so far so good.

I also want to thank everyone for all your suggestions in trying to help me.

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