My OSMC died yesterday - BOOT FIX TOOL?

So I have been running the PI2 for about a year now.
Working flawless. YEsterday I deleted a file from my library using the OSMC filehandler.
When I rebooted my device everything was black. The green led in front pulsating, and nothing else happens. I have searched through the wiki and to me (sorry) Linux is like greek.

I had NO SSH connection (using putty)
I had NO activity on the PI at all.

I put the SD card into my laptop, and I was able to read both partitions fine.
Made backup of neccessary files.

But I did not find any help in the wiki or forum (due to my lack of knowledge when it comes to linux I suppose) that helped me out.

NOW - here’s my question:
Seeing as my SD card is intact I suspect it was a minor error in the boot section (i Did try to add “recovery” to the cmdline.txt - no response at all).

I would greatly appreciate if anyone could write a “boot fixer tool” to scan the boot partition on the SD-card to search (and hopefully) correct errors found. An automated tool would severly help us Linux Noobs that doesn’t know any better.

It turns out it was my power adapter that quit on me, not giving the PI sufficient power. But, I would Still love a diagnose tool that I could initially run (on a computer) SHOULD anything corrupt my boot.

The problem is that this is near impossible to know what to fix when there is corruption.

And corruption is more likely to occur 1) silently 2) on the ext4 filesystem which cannot be easily mounted on some operating systems like Windows.