My OSMC Remotes

Just noticed after a recent update, that the category Remotes has been added to My OSMC. Honestly, I’ve been setting up my Nas Drives, adding new content, and basically enjoying the Release Candidate, so don’t really check out this section daily, and don’t know how long it’s been there, but, I was intrigued with all of the remotes listed. Is there a description of how to use these resources? I’m assuming this is a “work in progress” as selecting any remote basically opened up the repositories I had added. I see the Vero Remote is listed, ( I understand there is a possibility these may be available separately if demand is high), and among the others I noticed the Apple TV Silver, of which I have quite a few. Obviously, I do have a standard GPIO receiver in place.

“Opened up the repositories I had added” - huh ? I don’t have any idea what you mean by that.

The way it works is you select the remote you want and it activates that lirc profile for you. (Or you can browse to a custom lircd.conf file)

I use my OSMC remote with a GPIO receiver on my Pi 2 and it works very well.

Thanks for reply. That makes sense, I think I’ll figure it out.

About “went to repositories I had installed”,… When I was in the remote section, I had selected the Apple Silver remote, it changed to an amber color.
There were two options on lower right,… Browse, and exit.
When I selected browse, the (redacted), and (redacted) sources I had added to get access to repositories were shown. That kind of threw me off, but I’ll go back and have a look again.

Should the “remotes” category be in My OSMC on Vero? I have updated to the latest version but can’t see the option.

Good question!

I decided not to push it to the Vero just yet, but it should land soon


The browse button brings up a standard Kodi file selection dialog that lets you choose a custom lircd.conf file. (It doesn’t have to be named lircd.conf)

By default file dialogs in Kodi give you access to your home directory or the root directory but others can be added. The recommended location to put custom lircd.conf files is in /home/osmc, and they can be called anything with .conf at the end, then you can use the remote module to browse to this file to activate it.

Hope that makes sense.