i just wanted to post up some screenshots of my OSMC Skin MOD.

The skin itself is very nice to start with, but for my situation (Movies and TV Shows Only) i found it a bit dull and cluttered.

it works very well for me and is quite fast to navigate.

I still have a few things to figure out:
1: make plot on DialogVideoInfo clickable so it opens fullscreen in large text
2: figure out how to displays total number of movies, by counting all titles in sets(currently displays 918 movies instead of 1086 movies)
3: ability to read the aspect ratio from the nfo file to be called in VideoFullScreen

please let me know what you think of it.


Perhaps you could post some comparison screen shots between your mods and the stock skin showing what you’ve changed and why. My immediate impression is that you have way too much going on …


I like the look off this is it avaliable yet id love to learn how to skin instead of modifying a build. would be nice if there was gui based skin. Also sugestion. does osmc upscale sd videos to 1080 p if not could this feature also be added.


Kodi will upscale all videos to whatever resolution you tell it to. With a 1080p UI and default settings all SD content will be output to your display as 1080p.


Ok thank you for that, however have your modifications been ported over to the official osmc build yet as i like the idea of your screen shot clicking on the movie then reading the synopsis then pressing play.


These modifications will not be made available in the official skin. This is a user’s personal modifications. It’s up to the creator if he wishes to share or make his skin publicly available but, only he can advise what level of future support he may offer.


I can offer my skin mod if you wish, but my mods are based on my personal use case, it might not work properly for you, and i offer no support


Thank you SPL147 i would just like to try it out if that is ok


You don’t need a special skin to do that. If you go to settings>Media>Videos>Default select action you can change the default “play” to “Show Information”.


Thanks i just like his skin mod with play cast trailer etc i have seen this done on other skins and thought it would look good in osmc.


Basically all of this is also available with our official OSMC skin. The plot can be expanded by pressing “More…” in the info dialog. There’s also a play button right below the expanded plot text…


here is my Latest MOD,


i Don’t Use the Stock Skin, so im not gonna post screen shots of it, also i don’t see why i need to justify my reasons for the MOD. just asking for opinions is all.


Hi there how do i get sub menu to appear as it does in the video on your website and can you add a start up video in osmc