My Raspbery Pi HTPC - not feasible?

On my router: wireless settings > advanced security settings > Either WPA or WPA2 > Encryption Algorithm > choice of TKIP or AES

TKIP only support B & G, AES supports N.

My other router does not have this option, but I have to choose the speed (up to 270 Mbs), I thing that forces the algorith.

I don’t have those options on my router.

Anyway, changing it to N only did the trick. Now getting over 2.2 MiB/s.

Thanks, everyone, for your help!

The way most of them seem to work is if it is set to “B,G or N” or “compatibility mode”; if a G or B device is connected that is the highest speed it will use for all connection. So, if you do have any B or G devices it is better to have a second wireless router to serve them. That’s what I have.