My Raspi is frequently waking up my HDD

I am having this problem from the beginning.
Today, I have updated it, so I am on the latest release.
My Raspi is waking up my HDD frequently.
I cannot tell if its every 10minutes or every 2 hours, but it is annoying and definitely not energy saving.
I had the problem with Raspi 2 and also now with my Raspi 3, so that did not change.
The HDD is a Sharkoon with 5 HDD inside, in RAID 5, connected with USB to my Raspi
Today, I started the logging at around 12:00, the HDD fall asleep and already woke up at 12:09, or earlier.
This is the logging:
Thanks for helping.

Searching this forum for “spindown” should give you several relevant threads.