My TV show subscriptions aren't updating

I’m running osmc rc3 (was 2 and the problem was there too) and I went to check for new episodes of shows in my subscriptions and it doesn’t show anything new. I am new to xbmc/kodi/osmc so maybe I’m doing something stupid. Any help is appreciated

I don’t see any sign of any RC3 release, yet

Go ask the maintainers of the addon you are using to “subscribe” to shows.

While there has not been an announcement of RC3 being available - the current OSMC Settings add-on shows “OSMC Release Candidate Three 0.9.9” in the bottom right of the screen - so I can see how people could be confused.

Technically 99% of RC3 is already out for existing users running an update. We’re tweaking a few last things including a new Vero kernel and some OSMC settings addon features, once we’re happy with all of them an install image for RC3 will also be released.

Because the update system is modular with OSMC being broken into many independently updatable packages (instead of just one big package that is all or nothing) there is no hard cut-off to define exactly where RC3 is, except where we choose to create an install image from it and announce it on the blog…

Thanks. This comment led me on a path that showed me that what I had done was not subscribed to these sites but insted added to the library (which apparently does not update the series) once I realized this and actually went and subscribed to the series they all started updating correctly.