MyOSMC Bluetooth issue

Using latest OSMC download image + Updates on Rpi3

Initially used Bluetooth (in MyOSMC) to enable bluetooth and scan for a device. Successfully paired with this device. Bluetooth device working ok.

At some point later went back to MyOSMC, bluetooth and found Enable Bluetooth de-selected and no paired device displayed. Trying to enable bluetooth again I see “Working” bottom right of screen for a while & then “Working” dissappears. Enable Bluetooth is not selected and remains gryed out. A reboot makes no difference.

The Bluetooth is not being enabled by the MyOSMC operation. However, the paired bluetooth device is still working ok. So, it looks like MyOSMC is just not reporting the current state of the Bluetooth setup/operation.

I have produced a log at:

The log is from Reboot, imediate selection of MyOSMC->Networking->Bluetooth and the Enable Bluetooth (which is not highlighted).

The Bluetooth device I have connected is a Samsung phone which is using RFCOMM to communicate with the RPi3.