MyOSMC display is bugged


I am currently experiencing troubles using MyOSMC. I cannot use anymore the Updates panel since the display is totally bugged. When I select ‘Updates’ in the menu, I get a popup almost empty with only partial display:

As for the context, nothing special except that I am running OSMC on a PI3 which has encountered recently several hard reboots due to electricity shutdowns. So I had to reinstall properly the latest updates by running the updates command lines since I cannot do it with MyOSMC anymore…
I am using now the OSMC July 2019 2019.07-1 version.

Here are the logs:
Please note that I have removed my password in the section services.webserverpassword’.


ADDON: cpluff: ‘Could not read plug-in directory /usr/lib/kodi/addons: No such file or directory’

Your system is corrupted

Ok, so what can I do to repair the corruption?
Is there a way to do it without reinstalling the whole OSMC os?


Well the question first is what led to the corruption. On a Raspberry Pi it’s very likely a SD Card failure. So recommendation is to get a new SD Card and then unfortunately you would need to do a clean install (while you could do a backup of .kodi folder with your config if no corruption in that area.

Is it possible that the corruption was caused by the repetitive hard shutdowns of the pi3? (several electricity shutdowns in my neighborhood as I described earlier)

That’s the most common cause of corruption.

You could try reformatting the same card first (after backing up .kodi). It may not be a hardware failure in the card. Your choice depends on how old the card is.

Yes, checking the SD-card would be a good thing:

  1. Format the card using the SDFromatter
  2. use h2testw to check for data errors

Before running h2testw you have to reformat your SD card, SD-formatter is an excellent tool for this SD Memory Card Formatter for Windows Download - SD Association

h2testw is a nice and easy tool running on Windows to test such SD card, it also has an English language setting, H2testw herunterladen | heise Download