MyOSMC update not working

Automatic updates and manual update seem to have stopped working in MyOSMC on one of my RPi boxes. I think it has been like this for the last three releases.

Automatic downloads set to download and prompt, checking daily.

at the moment I run this command to update when prompted by the my other RPi box;

apt-get update; sudo systemctl start manual-update

Is it possible to get this feature working again please?

am in Confluence skin, not sure it makes a difference.

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. Please see for advice on how to help us.

So are you saying that you have not updated at all in 3 months because it has not found any updates, or that you have manually updated each month then the following month the automatic update check doesn’t find anything again ?

As far as we know this feature is working fine. Some logs would be helpful:

  1. Enable debugging in Kodi and then reboot.
  2. Change the update checks to be daily at a time about 5 minutes in the future then go back to home screen and wait until at least 5 minutes after the scheduled time
  3. Upload all debug logs with My OSMC log uploader or with grab-logs -A and paste the URL here.

so I have two systems, one works well checks daily downloads and prompts. So at that point I check the other system, it has not downloaded anything. Furthermore, attempting a manual download would usually spawn a notification in the top RH corner. on this system it does not. So, I use the command line option to attempt to get the system up to date.

Logs uploaded elibifoxuf
auto update was scheduled for 13:01, this was followed a minute later by a manual attempt.

grab-logs -A
Illegal instruction

Not sure if this has a bearing

If grab-logs -A reports illegal instruction, you have a corrupted installation.

It may be best to back up any important data and do a fresh install on that device.

Hi, restore of settings, restore failed, failure to read file

Continuing the discussion from MyOSMC update not working:

Hi, I backed up manually, imaged a new identical microSD card and brought it to the same version level as the existing build. This new build refuses to restore from any backup I have; restore of settings, restore failed, failure to read file.

Is there a way to fix the original card please? logs have been posted libifoxuf.

thank you

Either plug the card into a card reader and connect it to your current working OSMC and check which files are still readable or alternatively connect it to a Linux PC (if you don’t have Linux PC use live DVD or USB)

Will try that, what I did do before your post;

extracted the backup archive created copied the extracted files onto the new build & rebooted. It seems to work, what did not work was the HDMI mode setting and Add-on shortcuts.

Will this create a problem moving forward?

Not 100% sure what you refer to but I assume you mean the settings in /boot/config.txt

This should not have any impact

yes config.txt, I this was not in the backup file I had

Add-on shortcuts for Shoutcast and others were in the confluence skin, these settings did not seem to come across with the method I used.

Would these normally be expected in an OSMC backup?

Given that I did this in a non-standard way, is it possible to check that permissions are properly applied to the files and folders in question please?