MyPVRGuide.xml modification in build-in OSMC skin


I would like to modify MyPVRGuide.xml file where I want to eliminate some view types (i want just time view), but I’m not able to find this file anywhere in osmc distribution.

I modified it for previous osmc distribution with Kodi16, because I found osmc skin source files and add it to kodi directory for previous Kodi16 version, but I can’t find it for Kodi 17.

Can you please help me, how to do it?



But your changes will be overwritten by OSMC updates.

If you have a good proposal, then our skinner @BobCrachett may have some thoughts.


Thanks, I was not able to find it because I went to osmc through samba, where I can’t found this directory.

I’m not sure if this is for everyone, my girlfriend sometimes switch view by accident and she is not able to switch it back and screems on my that she will through everything through window if it won’t start to work normaly :slight_smile:
So I need to do it as simle as posible.

Maybe we can add a function to lock the views. I think some other skins support this.

It would be really helpful if you can add lock view function. It can safe a lot of family fights :slight_smile:

Thanks for thinking about it.