MyRating questions (default osmc skin)

I’ve only had my Vero 4K+ for a day but I’ve been using Kodi for about a year. Using default osmc skin.

I’ve a couple of questions about MyRating:

  1. I wanted to start afresh and just loaded my movies & TV shows into the Vero 4k+ without any .nfo files etc & let the scrapers at them. After that, I synced them with my Trakt account so the MyRating scores are there (set up a smart playlist to verify). I can see a circle in the bottom right corner of the movie posters when scrolling but I cannot see any number inside the circle. Any thoughts?

  2. I’m using the supplied remote control and when I click on the info button, I cannot see ‘MyRating’ on the information page. Is there some setting to change to see MyRating?

  3. I haven’t actually watched anything yet but how do I rate a movie using the supplied remote control?

Appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

P.S. I searched for MyRating and “My Rating” on here but only 2 entries showed up… Hence my questions. Again, thanks in advance.

The OSMC skin does indeed not feature any user ratings. Just scraped ratings - IMDb, etc.

Seek support from the trakt add-on developers.

EDIT: It seems you may need a skin that includes trakt ratings as a feature. Currently, the OSMC skin does not provide this function.

Thank you both. I’ll try a different skin other than the default OSMC one.

@ ActionA: I believe MyRating is a feature of Kodi, not Trakt. Even in the Vero 4k+, you can use MyRating to create smart playlists.

I switched to Estuary skin and MyRating is displaying. For anyone else in a similar situation, it’s…

(Estuary) Settings>Interface>Skin>Configure skin…>General then adjust Choose rating to display for media items