Hi Guys

Ive run into a bit of a problem. I have 4 raspberry pi’s in the house and store all my media on a central qnap server…

I decided over the weekend to try and share my libraries using an advancedsettings.xml, everything seamed to go well until i tried after it had updated the library to go in to my films and tv shows that I used to see like this

Now wont show, and all I het is this. Apologies for the bad photograph but hope you understand from the photo. It showes sources icons only!

The 2 scripts i have complied from help from other sources are:

If anyone can help me with the coding I would much appreciate it as I’m really stuck and not quite sure what I’m doing here and I’d love to get my Film/episode Icon screen back. I am a bit of a noob when it comes to programming, but we all have to start somewhere.


I notice you’re path substituting your Thumbnails folder which is not really recommended. That folder is just a collection of images which is mapped in textures.db, if you want it to work you need the correct textures.db best would probably be to copy it to each install although you MAY be able to use path substitution with it. As stated earlier it isn’t supported so you’re on your own.

EDIT: you need identical sources.xml and passwords.xml in all installs as well

Hi Guys

Back with good news. Managed to sort everything out. The library wasn’t showing due to the network address, I substituted 192.`68.2.2 with

The only problem I have now is how to get the watched status to sync.