NAS Connection

Hello here,
I’m using OSMC on a Rasp PI V1 for a few days now.
Desesperatly trying to setting it up to read videos stored on my nas, synology running DSM5, unsuccessfully although raps pi net configuration is fine. through, i’m not a newbie with computers, pretty young user of rasp pi by the way, but couldn’t manage to make this run !

Any help to configure this ? Or a way to do this through web interface ?
Thx :heart_eyes:

Oh, and another quick question : does OSMC support Miracast ? Thx, once again :wink:

with NAS Synology it’s easy :smile:

sorry for the name translation (i’m french) : Service de fichiers = Files Service ?
EDIT : in english : corrected translation

1 - if not already done
Internet Box : Static IP for NAS and Raspberry Pi
Synology Disk Station, Control Panel, File Services, Win/Mac/NFS, Activate NFS
Synology Disk Station, Control Panel, Shared Folder, folder (ex Video), Edit, NFS permission, create
=> IP raspberry Pi, read and write, …
On Pi (OSMC): search NFS, NAS IP, folder…

Thanks 11