NAS to the Future - Unable to connect to server

Hi all.

I’m experiencing some issues with trying to connect my Ras Pi running OSMC to my NAS
box, and I’d really appreciate some help please.

Issue -
Essentailly I cannot connect my Ras Pi (running OSMC/Kodi) to my NAS box in order
to watch my media.

This has been working for the last couple of years without any problems at all,
via an old install of (Kodi, version 15 I beleive).
However I started to get a lot of pausing and buffering issues with my old install
of Kodi, so I decided to go for a complete wipe and re-install of OSMC/Kodi on my
SD card.

When I try to add my shares or connect to the NAS via the Ras Pi,
I get the following error message =
“Couldn’t connect to network server”

Trouble shooting steps -

  1. I can ping (Ras Pi) / OSMC
  2. I can connect to the Ras Pi via SSH
  3. I can connect to the NAS from both my PC’s
  4. Given the Ras Pi a static IP (from inside my network via DHCP).
  5. Added the hostname of the Ras Pi to the hosts file on the NAS.
  6. Added the hostname of the Ras Pi to the hosts allowed file on the NAS.
  7. Added the hostname of the NAS to the hosts, and hosts allowed files on the Ras Pi
  8. Add the permissions to the Ras Pi (On the NAS web console).
  9. Rebooted the NAS
  10. I’m am using the NFS protocol to connect between my NAS and Raspberry Pi.

Q-01. What am I missing, to allow me to connect my Ras Pi to my NAS box ?

TIA for any help or advice.

Useful information -
Kodi: version 17 (Krypton)
NAS:Synology DS410J
Raspberry Pi: Model B+

Network -
Virgin media cable modem/router (downstairs)
Cat cable run upstairs to switch (upstairs in office)
PCs and NAS connected to switch (upstairs in office)
Ras Pi connected to modem/router via Cat cable (downstairs)

Added the connection protocol (NFS) to the main list.

It’s kind of important for you to inform us by what protocol you are attempting to connect to the NAS… Samba? NFS? Did you read the link on providing relevant info for a support request which you are urged to do by this forum software when you create your first post? Because logs would likely be useful here and we’ve provided a very simple way to obtain and present them…

Did you configure the NFS Server using IP address or a host-name?
IMHO, use the IP address. One little glitch on the DNS Server and host-resolution won’t work.