Need Some Counsel

Today I received my new Vero 4k+. Regret to say that I couldn’t had time to try it (it was late and family time… and I know that in computers what always begins as something that’ll end in 5 minutes takes 2/3 hours), though I can say it’s a beauty. Hope it runs that way as well.

OK. I’m going to use it just to plug an external HDD and play Movies (HD and UHD in a LG Oled 1080p capable of downsampling) and tv shows. Nothing else. No music. No pictures and no connection to the Internet as well. I imagine it will come with Kody Krypton, but I got the mail announcing the major upgrade.

Let me say that I’ve been using computers for more than 30 years, but that I’m only comfortable in Windows. In fact, I’m quite ignorant with the rest of OS and never used OSMC. I say all this because I wouldn’t like to face problems that I won’t be able to solve without a lot of time from my part.

So, shall I upgrade to Kodi Leia or use (praying I don’t have any issue as I’ve read some people had from the very beginning) the configuration that came with my Vero? Also, as I’ll be been using it only for what I already explained, shall I update with a certain regularity or it won’t be necessary?

Another thing. Is it easy to delete a file (movie or TV show) after seeing it or will I need an external keyboard to do it? I ask because before buying Vero (lucky me :slight_smile: ) I bought a Fantec Multimedia player (which I returned next day), and besides not liking at all Android, I needed an external keyboard to delete something from my HDD, as it was impossible to do it throught the remote

Hope this is not as confused as it seems. And as soon as I try the box tomorrow, I will write my experience.

Thank you for getting to the end :w00t: with me :slight_smile:

Not sure what exactly you mean with “no connection to the internet”, because a connection to the internet is preferred for two reasons:

  1. You would need it to keep the device up to date
  2. Only with a internet connection the scarper works to get all information/details about movies when you add them to the Library (unless you keep all that information in local nfo files.

Yes it comes with Krypton but after initial setup it will offer you the upgrade to Leia

Yes you should upgrade and the majority of problems people had was with either addons or configurations that they had done so you will not face that issue for your first upgrade.
Generally (smaller) updates are provided every month and it is suggested to install them when they become available.

No need for Keyboard you can delete files either via the context menu (need to one time allow that via settings) on the default remote or via file manager.

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First of all: I would suggest you upgrade. Nothing should go wrong.
If it does, we’re here. A small number of users are experiencing issues because they are updating from an existing setup; but you don’t have an installation yet.

I think @fzinken has covered the bulk of things.


Thank you very much to both of you for so prompt and thorough a reply :yes:

@fzinken: I don’t want to be connected because I won’t need all that info and I’m quite paranoid, so what I do is create a folder and add a poster of the movie and in the name just include the year. Example: Game of Thrones - Season 8 [2019] And whenever I need to update, I’ll just connect via ethernet and check if there’s any update.

Finally today y upgraded to Kodi Leia and everything seems ok (if you can help me with these “issues”… at least for me), though I have the sensation of being quite lost. Have in mind that since 2010 I’ve been using (right now my wife is seeing a series in it) an A.C Ryan multimedia (they don’t exist anymore and the player is quite old, but the remote has all the necessary things).

My issues: the delete option doesn’t appear in the context menu of the remote. No problem from the file manager, but that requires three or four steps more. If you could tell me exactly where to go to add the delete option in the context menu would really appreciate it.

As would really appreciate the same directions to choose (without them being default) the language and the subtitles I can choose (or cancel) from a movie or a TV show. Right now I just made the subtitles to appear always (and that through settings). But I’m sure there must be an option to choose them easily.

Another thing that makes me feel stupid is that I can turn off the Vero, but haven’t been able to turn it on without unplugging it and then plugged it again, a system most primitive. I love the simplicity of the remote, but need to find those features.

If I can solve these obstacles, I think that for now everything will be great for me (till I need something else :lol: ).

Just one more thing: that blinding red light whenever the Vero is turned off always shines so intensely?

What I forgot yesterday: just forgive the many faults I may have commited in my exposition, but as you well have deduced, English is not my native language.

Regards and thank you again :slight_smile:

PS: Oh, forgot to say: the image I get compared to my old A.C.Ryan is astoundingly beautiful and focused. I’m delighted with that. Don’t know how it will be compared with the Meder8er I have just for 3D videos, though I guess yours will be on top.

As I wrote in my first post you need to enable that option via settings menu one time, then it will show up.

I think I have seen other people having that issue and they might have found a solution. Suggest to search this forum or alternative the Kodi forum for “subtitle remote key”

The Vero is designed to run 24/7 but there is a suspend mode that you can use from which you also can reactivate it via the remote

I would suggest only using the library for any files you plan on keeping as adding them and then removing them from the library to watch them once is a pain and rather pointless. I keep a separate folder for all of my ‘delete after watching’ stuff and it is just added as a source with no scraper set. When I want to watch that I access it from the “videos” section and the rest of my media is accessed from the normal places.

As for the no internet thing I would not want to try to use the library without it. If you are really worried about it then you always have the option to purchase VPN service and configure Kodi to use that. As long as you are not torrenting from your vero I don’t see what there would be to worry about though.

@fzinken (or Sam): Yesterday I stayed up reading through the net till 6.00 A:M:, and today (with the usual stops to eat, shower, etc), I’ve been doing the same, so please don’t think I’m being lazy asking questions with the hope some other people will solve them for me without trying to get my own answer. I mean this because I learnt the 24/7 need to run on after posing the question. My fault.

God, I’m more lost than before. For somebody outside the linux world, and for me it’s absolutely alien, I believe this media player isn’t user friendly. I really can’t believe (and I say this with no acrimony, really) that the option to toggle between different audios and subtitles already muxed in the files don’t come preconfigured in the context menu of the remote. Or to get in the Audio/Subs OSD. After all, essentially this is a media player, right?

I followed your suggestion, fzinken, and searched through the forum, but with no success apart from the issue of downloading the subs from the internet, something I don’t need. Or maybe I wasn’t able to understand differently what I read. Who knows? But believe that I searched outside, and searched and searched.

About the issue of deleting files from the HDD.

Sorry you had to repeat the sentence. I know it’s difficult to communicate when the language you use it’s not native to you. What I meant is this:

In KODI I get (I’m using the OSMC skin)
-Videos (I’d like to get into the HDD through this option) → Files → Verbatim-HD --Context Menu:
** -Play**
** -Mark As Watched**
** -Queue Item**
** -Play Next**
** Add to Favourites**
** (That’s all)**
-Settings: I get 10 options before → File Manager → Slipt Screen with Same Options: Root
** File Directory**
** Verbatim-HD**
** Add Source**
** Here, when I’m into the series or movie I want to delete, I can do it in the context menu.**


If there’s a chance to do it like I want to do it, please, let me know. If not, let’s forget the matter.

OK, going back to what I really need. Today I installed the Keymap Editor and, of course, it was impossible for me remap the -/+ audio buttons of the remote to use them to open the audio - subtitles OSD, something akin to what I found here:

"As I don’t plan to use Kodi’s volume up and volume down features, I mapped the “volume plus” button to toggle to the next audio track.

The file is:

(or an equivalent location on your OS).

The content of the file is:


I restarted Kodi and it worked! "

Though he was talking about yatse or any other virtual keyboard. If it’s possible at all to do this withe the Vero remote, please, show me how to do it. You’ll make my year.

Although I must frankly add that I bought a Rii Mini i8 wireless keyboard and can access those features easily, but it’s not a comfortable nor practical solution if I want to keep the Vero lovely and comfy remote…

Hoping to hear some happy solution, I repeat my most sincere gratitude for the interest showed. :slight_smile:

@Sam. Just a question about the items in the Store. I’m going to need the USB hub, but while I searched, I couldn’t find the shipping costs to the EU. Are they included in the price? If not, please let me know.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Sorry for the chaos with the bold type :frowning:

Don’t know why I can’t change the script. Here it is:

As I don’t plan to use Kodi’s volume up and volume down features, I mapped the “volume plus” button to toggle to the next audio track.

The file is:

(or an equivalent location on your OS).

The content of the file is:


I restarted Kodi and it worked![/b]

PS: It seems I can’t copy it. There must be some signs not accepted.

I can send it to you via PM or here is the link: Toggle between audio tracks when playing a video

Well this might have been a mistake on my short explanations but generally the assumption is that someone who bought a Vero had used Kodi (the mediacenter part of OSMC) before. If that is not the case let me do step by step explanations.

  1. Go to “Settings” - “Media”
  2. This is a one time action if not done already. Go down in the left hand Menu to “Settings level” and change it to expert
  3. Go up to “General” and there you need to enable “Allow file renanming and deletion”
  4. After that just return to main screen and go to your videos you will find the delete option in context menu.

To be honest that would have been my comment. For basic watching use the OSMC remote. For anything else either use Yatse or a full remote like Harmony or the Mini i8

@fzinken : Most appreciated your step by step explanation. That did it. I’ll do that, use the Vero remote for the series and the Mini i8 for the movies.

Finally I want to thank you your great predisposition to help me solve all this staples and your helpfulness.

Cheers, mate :smiley:

An update of my situation (maybe important, don’t know):

After some tweakings (and installing the Confluence skin, more similar to the desktop of the A.C.Ryan I used for 9 years), 2 days ago I discovered by accident (in fact it was my wife) that while seeing an episode of a show (later I tested it with a movie = 2D + 3D) I just had to press the OK button of the Vero remote for the whole OSD for Audio & Subs and Play to appear on the bottom end of my TV screen. There, of course, I can choose everything necessary to select how I see a movie: Play, Fast Forward/Rewind, Next Chapter; Subtitles + Audio selection and some more things. You move through this OSD with the Arrow keys.

Finally I’m really happy with the Vero and I’m amazed with the quality it shows, even displaying the 3D effects, IMO much better than the Meder8er I bought more than a year ago just to see 3D movies.

But what astounds me is that nobody told me about this (there’s no sarcasm or second intentions in this comment, believe me), something that makes me believe that it’s not that common.

Well, for what it’s worth, here I leave this info.

And I repeat, more convinced than from the beginning, that this is a wonderful piece of Soft/Hardware … though just in case, I won’t upgrade till I need to see some 8K movies :slight_smile:

Do you mean pressing OK to bring up the OSD?

I’m glad you’re happy with things.


Exactly! Don’t tell me you knew this… :lol: :slight_smile:

Thank you.
This was my main “problem”. And being solved now, I don’t see any reason not to keep on buying your mediaplayer till you get tired of producing it (or I die before… something probably more reasonable) :slight_smile:

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I did-- but it’s my fault for not conveying it to you in the manual

Let me know if there’s anything we can help with


Yes, in fact there is (don’t be afraid :lol: I think with this I’ll finish all the tweaking I’ll want/need now).

Thanx to your info about editing/changing files with filezilla and to the web HOW-TO etc, I could remove the Kodi name & logo and the clock/date from the home display. I even created a folder with some HD wallpapers to use as backgroung images instead the default one of the blue bubbles that uses Confluence. More minimal and more to my tastes.

But there are two things I was unable to find (or maybe I didn’t know how to employ the correct words to get results).

1: In the Home screen, Confluence has a grey bar (taskbar?) with all the options by default or selected by you = System, Movies; Add-Ons…an so on, also in the lowest border of the screen, there’s a huge grey bar that only has a star and the Power option on the left. I don’t like that “solid” grey nor the percentage that occupies on the screen and if I can’t reduce them, at least I would like to make them transparent, or translucent if it’s possible. But if that option exists (and I pray it does), I can’t seem to find it. If you can tell me how to do it or show me the way where it’s clearly explained, I would really appreciated.

2: I installed “skin.aeonmq5.leiamod-10.6.1” but I didn’t like the excess of options it comes with (I don’t need so many). What I seem to be unable to find is the way to uninstall it, somehing I would like very much.

Hope you can enlighten me in both matters. Thank you


You’d need to edit the skin to do this – which may be a bit tricky.

You can do this under Settings -> Add-ons. Find the skin and select it and press Uninstall.


What I’ve discovered these days of unceasing reading is that lots of people don’t have the same paths even if they use the same skin. Nor the same subpaths.

In a path more convoluted than Settings → Add-ons I finally could find the skin and the option to uninstall “eoanmq5”.

Many thanx for showing me the right way to search :slight_smile:

Look, I really understand, believe me, that you must be flooded with petitions, that I’m not the only one to ask for help. So I understand your need to draw a stopping line.

But if that does not require rewriting the code, I’m willing to try it (if you’re willing to go one more step), as that “solid” bars are the things I dislike the most. If it’s a matter of introducing some text in a file, I’d risk it. And if you could tell me what text should I add, and where, that would be ideal. If not, I’d be grateful if you could guide me to a place where somebody explains that procedure.

Thank you again for your constant help (yours and the team, of course).

I does in fact require digging into and editing the code. You would need to learn how skins work and are created to accomplish such a change.

I see that this will require a lengthy and complex reading that I’m sure I will not understand wholly.
In any case, thank you for the explanation and the link… and for all the help provided till now.