Negociate DHCP IP Adress with Option 77


I’m using OSMC on a Raspberry Pi, all media-center standard fonctionality are working well. Nevertheless, in order to be able to access Live TV on my OSMC, I must specify the option 77 (user-class option) regarding DHCP.

I had a look into conf files and there is no way I can setup this. Basically there is dhclient.conf or dhcpd.conf in OSMC. I guess it is due to connmanctl but do you have any idea how I can proceed.


I don’t believe that ConnMan supports this.
You could use a different network manager, but we can’t provide support for this.


It’s certainly possible using dnsmasq but I have no idea how it would affect OSMC.

We disable ConnMan’s DNS proxying, but may enable it in the future, so keep an eye on /etc/connman.prefs.

dnsmasq can be installed without issue, but be sure to check /etc/resolv.conf afterwards.


Ok thanks guys, I’ll take a look at it and let you know. But not sure about dnsmasq, my osmc must remains dhcp client of the IAP router if I want to have the TV working.


I misread. It looks like you want a DHCP client. Apologies.

If you use /etc/network/interfaces and install dhclient, ConnMan will relinquish control. You can pass -I eth0 to command.

Note that we can’t support this and My OSMC’s network section will probably break


I agree, that’s why I wanted to do, but it seems that due to ConnMan, /etc/network/interfaces is missing from my raspberry…

Generating those files (interfaces and dhclient.conf) would definitely help me… if you know how to do it.


You have to create them… No one can create them for you. Only you know the specifics in your network environment. These are standardized files in linux and there are literally thousands of examples available with a simple google search. If your intention is to disable the provided method of network management, you would be much wiser to research and study exactly what you are doing and learning why you are doing it because, as Sam said, you are on your own from here on out…

What I needed was just to install isc-dhcp-client as connman is not providing enough options to manage what I want to do in terms of DHCP.

Thanks for your help, I’ll be ok now :slight_smile: