Netflix add-on 'New sign-in to your account' email every time osmc is started


I have the Netflix add-on installed in the Vero4K. Every time I power on or restart the system (I don’t leave it on unless I’m using it) the add-on causes Netflix to send an email with the subject:

‘New sign-in to your account’, stating an approximate location, time, and a warning about changing the Netflix password.

Is there any workaround for this? I can’t work out why Netflix is acting as though it’s a new device, or connecting from a new IP address, each time it starts. I have a vpn installed on the vero, but it’s not active.

(I know it’s a third party add on, but i have critical things going on heaith my health and don’t want to get into contacting the developer, sorry…)


This is a security warning from Netflix themselves. Not sure what OSMC can do about it. Check your Netflix security settings from a browser.

Thanks, I suspected as much.

I’ll certainly check those settings - I haven’t been on the netflix website since I signed up for their (declining) service 18 months ago.


@retroresolution that has been annoying me too, will check if it’s a netflix setting or i’ll try to raise a issue at the add-on git page.

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There is the “don’t send me email/text msgs.” option in communication settings. Will try it and see if it helps.

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I’ll give that a go, cheers!


Under Communication Settings there’s unfortunately not much choice (see below), and you can’t opt out of the ‘transactional emails’ which I suspect these ‘new sign-in to your account’ messages are categorised as.

  • NetFlix updates
  • Now on Netflix
  • Netflix offers
  • Netflix surveys

I’ve selected the ‘Do not send me any emails or text messages’ as you suggested, however the associated:
’ Note: You will always receive transactional emails related to your account’ makes be suspect it unfortunately won’t help.

I’ll try a reboot and power cycle later on, but I think it’s one for the developers.

Many thanks

Had the same, but a just above the update settings button (which is almost a page down) there was a “Don’t bother me” check box.

Which version of the Netflix add-on are you running? 0.13 or 0.14 series?

Ah, I didn’t spot that. Maybe wasn’t paying attention; maybe Brave hid it; maybe the mobile site doesn’t show it (there’s an excuse in here somewhere!). I’ll look for it, ta.

Currently have v. 0.14.5 installed on osmc kodi 18.3-rc1 2019-05-18

Many thanks, RR